In The Dark – a celebration of knowing nothing

A new episode of the Reality Bomb podcast is out this week, and features another of my poems – this time looking back on what it was like to not know anything about a new series of Doctor Who before it started.  I had to look back quite a long way…

The text is below, and if you want to hear me perform it (embellished wonderfully by Graeme Burk’s lovely soundscape), you’ll find it at 22:35 onwards on this link.

In The Dark

When was the last time I went in knowing nothing?
I must have been 10,
unaware that there was a way
to get clues to what was coming.

And it was glorious:
Arthurian nuclear magic, Light’s testing
and the water-borne Fenric

all emerging from the shadows
(or beneath the waves),
where the lit eyes of the Master
waited to lure us to the darkness for good.

There were actual surprises in store
rather than expected ones,
and jeopardy: would someone leave, die?

It’s happening again and I’m ten once more.
I loved what’s past,
but the future is undiscovered,
a new map to be drawn out of sight.

And if you can’t get excited about somewhere
you’ve never been before,
what is there left to wonder at?

The Doctor taught me that.



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